AIM Partner Benefits

When AIM partners with a supplier or service provider, we truly seek ways to add value to the relationship and expect the same from our partners. We do not take the term "partner" lightly. We want your business to grow through our distributor members and we work hard to promote your company among our distributors and to the extent possible, to their clients and prospects.  

We are in our 10th year and have developed and maintained some fantastic relationships with our partners. Many regularly report double digit growth year after year. One partner said this: 

“Thank you for your continued support. For the 2nd straight year, sales among AIM members are up 40%”.

Another partner said, “We have seen a dramatic jump in AIM Member orders."

In August, 2018 another partner said, “I want you to know that becoming an AIM Partner has been a Great Decision for us. Your Members are some of the sharpest and most motivated Distributors we deal with. "

As an AIM partner, you will receive monthly updates to our current membership list. We initially announce your partnership to our group, and we post a full listing of your company information and details on our Members Only online directory of partners. In addition, your products are listed first among searches performed on ASI’s ESP, and SAGE.  Read the list of benefits below. Our AIM Staff are always ready to help our partnership with you succeed. 

If you are interested in partnering with the AIMastermind Group, call Jamie Coggeshall at 610-650-9299 for additional information or email

AIM Preferred Suppliers receive:

  • Free Online Listing - Partners receive an online listing in the AIM Directory available to Members only.  This directory is searchable and and the partner appears in our Directory by their Primary Category.
  • Exclusivity - We do our best to limit the number of suppliers per product category.
  • Free Top Search Results - AIM Partners products appear first in searches on both ESP and SAGE.  Many AIM members set their websites to only search AIM Partners.
  • Free Promotional Opportunities - Send us your coupons, sales, incentives, and PSA specials, and we'll post them in your profile, in our Specials Section, and we announce them to our members.
  • AIM Catalog - AIM Partners can choose to promote their products in our Annual AIM catalog.  Our catalog features products exclusively from AIM partners.  
  • Featured Products - AIM Partners can exhibit their New products, or Best Sellers in our Featured Products Slide Show.  
  • Sample Distribution - AIM Partners can provide co-branded samples to our members.
  • Meet the Members - We provide various opportunities for AIM Partners and their reps to meet our members at national and regional trade shows, and other AIM events.
  • AIM Pro Tech Suite - AIM partners have the exclusive opportunity to be part of our Presentation to Invoice Order Management Platform, CRM, E-commerce Websites, Company Stores, and more.  Get your products in our platform for top of mind exposure, and great marketing opportunities.  Be part of the AIM Pro Edge.
  • Member Discounts - AIM can extend many of our Group Discounts to our supplier and service partners.  If you are interested in any of the following, please let us know:
    • Artwork or Virtual Proofing discounts - typical turnaround is 2-3 hours.
    • Digitizing discounts - typical turnaround is 2-3 hours.
    • Discounts on office supplies
    • Travel Discounts
    • Discounts on computer equipment and mobile devices
    • Shipping Discounts
    • Health Insurance Discounts

AIM is always open to discussing new opportunities with our partners.  We are constantly developing new programs for the benefit of both our distributor members and supplier partners.