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AIM 2017 Supplier of the Year

Welcome to the Advertising Industry Mastermind Group (AIM), a group of independent, experienced and qualified promotional products distributors.

AIM has over 120 top industry supplier partners many of which we have long established relationships with.

This year marks our 10th anniversary and we look forward to continued success for all our members and partners. Our mission is to maintain relationships with outstanding suppliers, distributors, and service providers who strive to grow their business and service their customers better.

Our AIM is to partner with companies that offer:

  • Better Communication - both pre and post sale
  • Better Sales Support
  • Better Sample programs
  • Better Pricing

Our AIM is also to negotiate with business partners both in and out of our promotional products industry.  For example, AIM members receive:

  • Benefits and discounts with over 200 suppliers including most of the Top 40 Suppliers.
  • Benefits and discounts with merchant processing companies, computer hardware and software, business services, and more.
  • Benefits and discounts with shipping and freight companies.
  • Discounts and super fast service on vector art conversions, digitizing, banner creations, and other artwork services.
  • Members can use AIM Pro Platform for order management, including Presentation to Invoicing & Payments, unlimited company stores, unlimited E-commerce websites, unlimited E-flyers, and an incredible customer success team to help you with your AIM Pro sites.
  • Benefits and discounts on web services, animated whiteboard videos and more.
  • Discounts on business insurance for AIM members in the USA.
  • A free e-commerce website with great virtual samples capabilities.
  • Order management and followup support available.

AIM provides a community of members who share best practices, helping one another grow.

  • AIM members engage with one another. We think through challenges together.
  • AIM members help put together better practices and processes.
  • AIM members pay attention to trends and can help you build better sales campaigns.

Here are some recent reports on how much AIM members love our benefits:

  • "We are saving an average of $1,100 on shipping every month."
  • "It was literally one of the best decisions I have made for my business in quite some time...finally I don't feel like I am on a deserted island!"

  • "We just joined and made an extra $360 on our very first order."

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