Road to savings

When you join AIM Smart EQP, you receive all the benefits of the AIM (AIMastermind) Membership*:

  • Special preferential pricing from over 200 Top Suppliers in the Promotional Products Industry.  Most partners offer EQP.  Several supplier partners offer better than EQP, and some, depending on the product type offer our distributor members a certain percentage off net.  All pricing information is outlined in our website, upon login.
  • AIM members can link their SAGE or ESP to our AIM Preferred Partner List(s). 
  • AIM members receive substantial discounts on many popular industry tools including Quickbooks, Artwork, Digitizing, and more.
  • AIM members receive "INCREDIBLE" discounts on shipping.  Some members reportedly save "thousands of dollars a month"
  • AIM members receive great discounts on office supplies, computers, hotels, and more.
  • AIM members can now receive discounts on Business Insurance.  

In addition, AIM SmartEQP members receive "Quality Connections":

  • Members are colleagues while being competitors.  
  • We share best practices, help motivate each other, inspire one another, share knowledge and experience, assist with research, advise on strategy, and offer support in all areas.  For example, when flooding hit Louisiana hard, several members checked on each other and helped arrange aid for those in need.  
  • One member said, "It's remarkable how caring and helpful the community is.  I found some of my best friends in this group."

AIM SmartEQP members receive "Cutting Edge Training"**:

  • Members receive monthly training though an interactive teleconference with David Blaise.  
  • Hear from other members and learn what is (and isn't) working right now.
  • Topics include Customer Acquisition; Social Media; How to focus on follow-up; Finding top buyers; and more.
  • One member said "I always get great and applicable information!" 
* The AIMastermind Group is run by the Advertising Industry Mastermind Group, LLC.  
** Cutting Edge Training is provided by Top Secrets of Promotional Products.

Think about what this means.

  • Better Profits - Increase profits with lower product costs, free or discounted screens, and more.
  • Lower Operating Costs -Through our partnerships with most industry service providers, you will lower your monthly operating expenses.  
  • Increased Revenue Sources - With the discounts AIM members receive on artwork, digitizing, and Shipping, distributors can increase their revenue stream without increasing their prices.

AIM Membership truly is a valuable time and money saving tool for distributors.  Distributors will access our Members Only online directory of partners and be able to rate Suppliers confidentially and submit reviews to share with other members.  In addition, if you use ASI or SAGE, our partners products are listed first among searches performed on ESP, and ESP Websites (formerly logomall), as well as SAGE sites.    

Here are a few reports from current members:

“AIM membership is a tool in the tool box of the independent promotional marketing professional”.

“The AIM Group has leveled the playing field regarding price so we can compete in more ways than our high level of service”.

These and other membership benefits are open to everyone who joins the AIMastermind team of industry professionals. You will find that the savings and resources available through our many programs more than offset the cost of our membership dues. So if you aren't currently an AIM Member, we hope you will join us soon.  Call 610-650-9299 for additional information or click the Distributor Registration Form to sign up.

AIM Member benefits

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